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God’s Design for the Wife as a Helper

woman-wedding-ringThe Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2: 18(NIV).

What was God’s design when he created woman as helper? What does this role teach all of mankind about Himself?

The first thing we need to understand is that God gave women a beautiful role from His nature. God is called upon as “helper” by several different individuals throughout Scripture. Songs have even been written emphasizing the need for God to be our help. This role was designed by God with a heart for service, as Jesus demonstrated with his life of service to God and man to help man with his sin problem; and submission in marriage to the husband’s leadership in Jesus Christ. This helper role is important to God and it reflects something that He wanted to teach everyone, that we are to look to Him as helper.

God never created us to be self-sufficient. God created man and woman for the purpose of walking with Him and each other. Being created is about being relational and as relational beings, working together helps strength the bond of the relationship. We were not created to operate in a vacuum, apart from God or others. We were created to by God to be social, relational, intimate beings and what better way to meet this need than through the design of the marriage relationship.

Depending on the Bible version, “suitable”, “comparable”, “helper”, and “helpmeet” are used interchangeably in Genesis 2: 18. What is interesting about the definition of “suitable” is the various meanings the word implies that can be applied to God’s original design for the woman. The first definition was “similar, matching”. When God took into account that Adam was alone, He had yet to create someone that was a match for Adam and similar to him. The second definition had two of three applicable meanings. The first part of the second definition was “adapted to a use or purpose”. With God’s desire to bring Eve to Adam, He created women for the beautiful purpose of helping her husband in fulfilling God’s will for their lives. The other applicable part of the second definition is “able, qualified”. God rightly equipped women to be able and qualified to fulfill their role as helper in the marriage relationship.

Before the fall of man, the role of helper was significant because it was an honor to reflect a part of God’s nature and character. It is man in his sinfulness that has twisted the submissive role of the woman as helper into a negative connotation. In the eyes of God, it is a role of beauty to Him.

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