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Sin Impacts Marriages

applesEveryone who gets married has the dream of being married until “death do us part”. Where everything is blissful and wonderful with the spouse demonstrating perfect love at all times.

In reality, it is the joining of two sinful, imperfect persons expecting the other to be perfect. In truth, at some point during the relationship, sin is going to surface in some form where it effects the spouse and cause a strain on the relationship. We must go into marriages with our eyes wide open, understanding that the person we are joining into covenant with is frankly going to let you down at some point. Sin is defined as missing the mark, which means we are falling short of God’s standard. Your spouse will inevitably miss God’s mark during your marriage.

The sin produced will arise in various forms and circumstances, whether it is through an ungodly action or comment. But, what is key to all the scenarios will be the spouses response. The spouses’ response will be one of doing it God’s way or handling it your own way. As Christians, we must know what the Scriptures says about sin and how Jesus demonstrated and instructed us to handle it.

First, the offending spouse needs to repent of their sin, 1 John 1: 9, and ask God to help through the power of His Holy Spirit to overcome any future temptation to produce this ungodly behavior. Second, the offended spouse needs to forgive and allow the opportunity for the offending spouse to grow in Christ from this situation. In no shape or form should the offended spouse tolerate sinful behavior to exist in the relationship, but should strive to allow God to bring healing and growth out of the situation. We must guard against trying to resolve these situations in our own strength and way because it will not produce the desired result, which is a deeper and more rich relationship. When  both spouses handle these situations through Christ, it will provide the opportunity to show true love to the other.

When the focus is on Christ, couples will be able to handle these situations in a godly manner and grow in the process of achieving oneness with God.

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