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Why did I write this book?

schendel-coverI sensed that God was calling me to write this book. I went through several trying times with my ex-wife and my commitment to her never wavered. God wanted me to communicate that his children are to remain faithful to the vows taken on their wedding day and not search for ways out of marriage.

There are three major strands woven together through this book: From being a sinner to being saved by Jesus Christ, being controlled by selfish desires versus being controlled by the Holy Spirit, and how the husband is the picture of Christ and the bride is the picture of the church. The first six chapters focus on man’s greatest problem, selfishness, and how Jesus Christ is the solution. The last four chapters give a glimpse into what God is searching for out of the husband and wife in marriage. God’s ultimate goal is to utilize the marriage relationship as a means of drawing us unto Him and molding us into His image.

Oneness points to Jesus Christ as our example of how to live and how he is the only one capable of solving our deepest problem of selfishness. Oneness stresses how we must take a look at where our hearts stand for Christ in making choices that affect our marriages.

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